Bare Birthday party

Bare Birthday party

Come back soon, this page is under construction!

Here you can browse through some photos and ideas of themed parties we have had here at
130 South Church Street

Santosha Yoga of Asheboro, NC.
Please contact us to reserve our space~
email us at

The 2nd floor of this Urban Loft affords a gorgeous view over the roof of the Farmer’s Market of the Asheboro cityscape including the Steady water Tower.

It’s quite beautiful and lends itself quite well to private parties of up to 60 people. Have your event catered or discuss light refreshments with jacquie.

In the past we have hosted:

· Wedding receptions

· Birthday Parties

· Anniversaries

· Graduations

· Art Openings

· Jewelry shows

· Themed parties

· Dances/proms

Call jacquie or email her for more info!

(336) 302-8494

Open House music!

Yogi Mark Dillon Performed on Jan 8th!

Illuminated Yoga

Illuminated Yoga
We need to do this again!

October 2009

Look for details on this website for these events!


Asheboro's fall festival
October 2-4th
Look for us in the parade on Friday night and then join us for sdancing in the streets throughout the weekend!
October 4th
Thai Massage master Gregg Steinberger
Free Demo at 6pm
I promise you this will be themassage of your life! Gregg comes from Asheville and has 17 years experience, much of his training in Thailand! Sign up for session on the 4-6th here:
See left for more details!

Tueday evenings 7:45-8:45PM October 6th-November 10th

Meditation sessions with jacob Felder of Winston-Salem

See details below, we urge you to develop your meditation practice with this simple technique! Details below at left, sign up now!


SaturdayOctober 10th 2-5PM

Creative journaling with Cori Cagle

see below for details!


October all month long
Teacher's Appreciation
write for details!

Yummy Yoga sushi!

At Bistro 42
Yummy Yoga Sushi!

July 2009

July 2009 Events~

July 28th Tuesday 7-9PM
Illuminated Yoga
About an hour of gentle yoga to wake up our energetic forms and then a walk around the corner for wine, cheese and veggie tray at Lumina!
This was a blast!
We must do it again, and YOU are invited to join us!
space is limite to enter the list for the next time
Thursday, July30th 10-11am
Join jacquie in a Hoop Dance class for Teens at the library as part of their Teen Summer Reading Program! We always have such fun when we take our hoops to the community~ there are always smiles beaming from the first whirl! This event was free, and check out the link below to see a new video from Channel 2!
The first week in July was Dedicated to
Yin Yoga!
You had 3 opportunities to participate in a stillness practice targetting the non-elastic tissues of our form: the tendons and ligaments.
Each pose~a meditation in itself!

These classes were well received~ we have now added a Yin Yoga class to our Monday night scedule! 5PM
Please join us to experience the "other" type of Yoga!

Tuesday, July 14th 5:30-7PM
Scott Hunt demonstrated and answered questions about the Rossiter Technique.

We are always interested in the modalities of alternative Health.....this one seems to have a lot of potential for relieveing pain by stretching the fascia of the body. The "Coach" steps on the "Person in Charge" and directs them to simultaneously participate in a specific stretch.
We all learned a lot!
This event was Free, however donations were taken for the Family Crisis Center!
**Breaking News: Scott has agreed to take on a few private sessions with Santosha Yogis at Santosha Yoga!
Please email us to set up an appointment with him on a Monday or a Tuesday.**

Saturday, July 18th, 3-5PM
Knee and Hip Care Workshop

This workshop is for all yogis who care about their knees and hips~ so it is for everyone!
Learn the best alignment for feet and knees and also learn the best asana to assist in placing the hips in the proper location to support the torso! These techniques were taught to jacquie by Aadil Palkhivala~ of Purna Yoga in Washington State.
Space is limited~ please register at
336-3902-8494 or
Tuesday, July 21st 6-7PM
AcroYoga with jacquie and Dana
An introduction to a style of Yoga that incorporates Trust and Balance! You and another Yogi~(bring a friend if you like!) will experience the freedom of being lifted away from the Earth as well as playing the role of solid supporter as the two of you create classic yoga poses in tandem! Beginners welcome!
$12 per person or $20 for you and a non-member.
Space is limited, register at


June 2009

Our 1st Anniversary!

Here is what we did~

Saturday, June 6th
11-5PM for an
Open House

Special events all month long, besides 10 yoga and Pilates classes each week including;

June 9th
Illuminated Yoga
in collaboration with Lumina Wine and beer, Gentle Yoga and then wine and Cheese at the Wine bar!
Photo Below!

June 3rd and 10th and 17th and 24th
5:15-6PM Hoop Dancing Class on North Street!
$10 class

June 13th
Santosha Hoops performs at Shakori Hills Multicultural festival.
Free, parking is $2 Come on out!
Photos below!

June 16th 4-6PM
Santosha Hoops performs at Randolph County Public Library in their Summer Artist Series
Photos below!

June 16th 7-8:30PM

Cards of Gratitude Make and Take $15 All supplies included!

Paper crafting at its best!

See Photos at right!

June 23rd 6-8:30PM
Yoga Yummy in collaboration with Bistro 42
Gentle Yoga class at the studio and then over to the Bistro 42 for Sushi in all its glory!
See Photos below!

June 25th 10AM
Yoga Fun for Teens at the Randolph County Library...FREE Yoga as part of their Summer Teen Events!

June 27th-28th
Yoga Retreat with jacquie in VA
$125 for 3 meals and overnight stay in the Meadows of the Dan retreat.
4 sessions of Yoga, appropriate for all levels!

This event is full, if interested in our next retreat,

register at
Space is limited

June 30th 7PM-8:00
African Dance with Dana!

Fibromyalgia sessions each week...
see schedule here:

Yes~ it was an amazing month!

Thank you for joining us!

November 2008

November 2008 is full of Fun and Creative Events!
Knitting Knite
Tuesday November 11th
7pm (after Fun Flow Yoga class)
Thankyou all for coming to work with our hands to create such lovely projects!
Thank you Mary for helping teach us about the art and history of knitting!
Come learn how to knit or let us teach you how! There will be crafters of all levels here, from beginners to experts(and we mean experts....)
Bring any yarn or needles you have or use ours!
Snacks are welcome! This event is FREE, however love donations will be accepted!
***********************Velvet Drawstring Treasure BagTuesday, November 18th, 7 PMAsk to see this lovely velvet pouch we will make from start to finish! You may want to give it as a gift to someone special, or use it as a container for your own special baubles.We will cut the velvet using a simple pattern, emboss it with a lovely design, add highlights, and then sew it together.This event is $10, all supplies are provided!Join us and let's get Creative!register at
Thank You for coming to this was fun! Wonder what we'll put in our little treasure bags??
(I am still vacuuming up velvet fluff!)
Movie Night
A Documentary that combines science and spirituality......
By unanimous decision!
7:00 PM Thursday the 20th :
immediately following One Pose
We can all hunker down and watch in the cozy atmosphere of Santosha. I promise to make popcorn! Fingerfood Snacks are Welcome!
This movie,made in 2004, follows a woman in a voyage through the worlds of science and spirituality.....ultimately her perception of reality is turned upside down and the meaning of life becomes clear.
Another FREE event!
(Love donations graciously accepted)
We enjoyed the discussion after this movie....we appreciate all of your thoughts and comments!
Let's do more movies! (let's also choose another night of the week on which to do them, k?)

October '08 O what a month!

Harmony came to us on October 9th:A Tibetan Bell and Prayer Bowl Concert at Triad Yoga in Greensboro
October 15th Satsung:
Ayurveda: The Ancient Indian Science of Life
We learned what our body constitution is and how to eat to keep it in balance, especially now, while the seasons are turning!
Free event, donations accepted in our former chocolate urn for Continuing Education opportunities.
October 22nd
Our own Teena Byrd gave a
Demonstration on T'ai Chi Ch'uan
This demonstration of an ancient Chinese martial arts form of exercise, meditation and self defense was tangible! I mean many of us really felt the effects of the gentle exercises Teen so skillfully shared with us!
Thank You Teena! See photo below!
Donations were accepted for Ruff Love animal rescue, our favorite fostering and pet care non-profit!
Couple's Yoga Retreat
Friday October 24th
Check out this link for more info, photos from our last retreat and fee information.
This event is one of our favorites. Besides the wonderful opportunity to connect with our loved ones through Yoga, we also LOVE the refreshment time afterwards! My husband and I enjoyed getting to know new members better and deepening old friendships as we broke bread with you all! Sorry, no pix! We'll just have to do some more events like this!

September 2008 Satsung! Fabulous!

September 25th
Mandala Painting Workshop
September 25thMandala Painting Workshop a Success!This Satsung provided us with an opportunity to creatively express ourselves! Participants learned about the history and uses of the mandala in some cultures. to this page for photos of our workshop!
A short introduction to symbolism in Eastern traditions will inspired to then design and paint our own mandala to take home.Please register by Sept. 19th atsantosha@triad.rr.comFee $20 to this page for photos of our workshop!

September 11th
Join us to hear our own Martha Powell as she shares her recent experiences at Satchitananda's Yogaville, VA for a Silent Retreat.This event is complete,check back soon for notes on the lecture!

September 18th
Autumn Equinox CelebrationVegetarian Potluck It's a Party!Bring a healthy harvest dish to share as we honor the change of Seasons.No matter how hard we try to make time stand still, the natural world continues its cycle around the sun. Lining our energies up with these cycles can help your body to stay in balance! Bring a Friend!This event is free,Love donations will be accepted.

Join the world at Santosha Yoga for the Global Mala Project
September 21st, 2008

THANKYOU to all who made this event a huge success!
A full house gathered within Santosha Yoga to practice with the intent to send PEACE out to the world!
It's not too late to make a donation to the Asheboro Family Crisis Center! Just bring it by and tuck it into the mail slot if we're not there! In past years, we have held this event outdoors. This year, we welcome you inside our Sacred Space to practice this event along with people all over the world!108 repetitions of the Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, in a slow meditative pace will bring peace to your body, your mind, your inner spirit and to the world!This event is Free to the Public, suggested donation of $10 to be donated to the Asheboro Family Crisis CenterAn excerpt from purpose of the Global Mala is to unite the global yoga community from every continent, school or approach to form a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 on Sept. 21st and 22nd, Fall Equinox as the yoga world's offering to further the UN International Peace Day.

Yoga/Yummy at Santosha and Tuscany's September 9th
Steve at Tuscany's agreed to give us the place all to ourselves on Tuesday the 9th. We practiced at the studio first,a fun class geared towards firing up the "agni", our metabolic fire, with lots of twists and abdominal focus.The meal was fabulous! The turnout, grand!Thank you all for joining us on our first field trip!More to come!

August '08

Energy Body theme for August 2008 Satsungs

Santosha Yoga is supposed to be more than a space to firm up the body.We are here to firm up our connection to the mind as well! Check out these events for this month's Satsung and prepare to open your shutters so that the light can get in!
Thursday nights at 7:45PM
(after the 6:30 class)

Aug. 7th Sound and the Energy Body
The energy of sound has an effect our physical bodies.Learn how we use sound to help balance our own emotions and relieve stress.This event is over, thankyou for your support!

Aug 14th Our 2nd event on a Green Theme: Lawn Reduction
Join us as we informally discuss the American Lawn, its role in society over the years andhow we are beginning to recognize the value of the native landscape once more!Ken Reininger, Curator of Brids at the NC Zoo will present onGardening for Native WildlifeThis event is over.Donations were accepted on behalf of Trees Asheboro
email us for more info
Go to to see the resources sited during our presentation as well as to the notes Mr Reininger used for his slideshow!

Aug 21st and 28th Intertwining The Gunas
Learn about the three energies that weave together to form all of life and substance.Keeping them balanced in your life will keep your body/mind/spirit in harmony.Another free event!

These are events we held at Santosha Yoga in July of 2008

July 10th OM:What it means, sound like and feels like.Thank you for your support everyone!

July 17th Rain Barrels:See some local versions of these contraptions which we use to capture precious water! Thank you for your below for info and links and photos of what we did this night.

July 24th Yoga for Couples, Just Around the Corner. Two can accomplish more than one...bring your partner to this class to experience supporting and nurturing another human being.(Registration required, there is a fee per couple)This event is finished and we had a great time!See how it went here:

July 31st Chanting 101
This event is over,thanks for your support!Learn about the ancient language of India: Sanskrit.Each syllable is said to resonate with a different area of your energy body, purifying it! Hear some simple and popular mantras and take a stab at one yourself!
Here are some of the artists we listened to:Deva Premal:
EssenceAngelika: Shivo Ham
Srivatsa Ramaswami:recitation of Patanjali's Sutras
Recommended by Deb: Krishna Daas

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